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Obedience Training 

Our obedience program is a simple yet time efficient program! We use the same method that is used with the gun dogs which includes lead work and collar conditioning. Most dogs graduate in 4-6 weeks  with simple commands such as Here, Heal, Sit, Place, and Kennel. You can expect your dog to be obedient on and off lead with an e collar. This program is $750 for 4 weeks or $1,000 for 6 weeks.

We also offer a limited number of kennels available for boarding from November - March. $25 a day

Gun Dog Training 

Our gun dog program can be modified to whatever your goal is for your pup.  All Programs listed have a rate of $750 a month with a 3 month minimum


LITTLE DOG TO GUN DOG- This program is designed for the 4-5 month old puppy. Basically what this program does if give your dog a bump in the right direction, from intro to gun fire, live birds, water, socializing them to public places, and most importantly retrieve desire. This program runs 3 months. By the end of it your dog will be obedient, exposed to everything a great gun dog needs to be exposed to, and force fetched. If after the program you choose to go with our meat dog/started dog program or even the advanced program, the choice is yours!

MEAT DOG/STARTED DOG PROGRAM - This program typically only runs 4 months as long as the dog is 6 months of age or older with great retrieving desire. This program includes gun dog obedience, intro to gun fire, force fetch, and ability to retrieve multiple marks. Your dog will be introduced and familiar with real hunting situations, live bird action, and decoys and more of your everyday hunting situations. Dogs that are in this program can also run AKC Junior Hunt tests.

ADVANCED/ FINISHED GUN DOG - This program is a 6 month minimum. This includes everything that is in the meat dog program and some. This program will also include blind retrieves, hand signals / whistle commands, honoring, and more. This program also includes running AKC hunt tests and field trials.

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